TARA DYERCFO & Consultant
MISSY WILKEDirector of Operations
SAM HOHENSTEINLead Design Manager
KEVIN BRUMLEYSales & Development Manager
DOMINIC MERSAccount Manager
HANNAH FARRELLDigital Ads Manager
HANNAH OLSONAccount Manager
RONISHA HILLDigital Ads Specialist
Scott Dyer Profile ImageScott Dyer Alt Profile Pic

Scott Dyer | Founder & CEO

After over 20 years owning multiple resale franchises, Scott realized the only way to get his marketing goals met was to start his own marketing company. So that’s what he did. The goal of Hipbone Marketing is to serve the unique needs and challenges of resale clothing franchises.

Now with almost 30 years of experience in the resale world, Scott makes sure that Hipbone’s services and promotions make sense from a franchise-owner perspective. He’s an idea guy, probably because he knows the rest of the team can handle the execution part, and constantly challenges the team to analyze everything we do from every conceivable angle. When he’s not daydreaming about another match on the office ping pong table (aka the conference table) he’s promising to start writing his book “Everything I Wish I Could Say to People on Social Media but Don’t.” He does this all while continuing to own six total resale stores.

Tara Dyer Profile ImageTara Dyer Alt Profile Pic

Tara Dyer | CFO & Consultant

With over 16 years of experience working with resale brands, Tara is an integral part of the Hipbone team. She gives valuable feedback on new promotional ideas, makes sure our ideas are executable on an in-store level, and generally keeps everyone in line, especially Scott.

Tara does all of this in addition to her role(s) as Owner / Direction of Retail Operations of six total resale stores. Oh, and she also makes sure that everyone gets paid. We all really appreciate that.

Missy Wilke Profile ImageMissy Wilke Alt Profile Pic

Missy Wilke | Director of Operations

Missy is the founding member of the Hipbone Marketing team and came to the job directly from working in resale stores. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications with an emphasis in PR from Webster University.

On an average day at the office, Missy spends her time talking to Partners, managing projects and promotions and keeping the rest of the people on this page in line. She is our Director of Operations but also answers to “Mommmmm!,” “Aunt Missy,” “Michelle,” “Boss,” and “woman wearing all the sequins!” Outside of the office, Missy still spends time talking to Partners while keeping her thirteen-year-old son, ten-year-old step-daughter, husband, and three cats in line.

Sam Hohenstein Profile Image

Sam Hohenstein | Lead Design Manager

Sam joined Hipbone Marketing in August of 2016 and is the team’s Lead Design Manager and in-house trivia aficionado. Throughout the day, you’ll find Sam working on all promotional graphics for social media, email, and associated print materials. He works through design ideas with Partners and his fellow coworkers until they are set, from conception to placement.

In 2015, Sam received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. He also serves as the president of Happy 2 Give, a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual Happy Gilmore-inspired golf tournament! In his spare time, he can be found enjoying live music, running at the park, hiking, or saving the world on his PS5.

Kevin Brumley Profile ImageKevin Brumley Alt Profile Pic

Kevin Brumley | Sales and Development Manager

Kevin joined the team in October 2016 after making the switch to marketing from the security field (he’s actually a Certified Police Officer, so be careful!) He is a “remote” Hipboner living in Kentucky and spends his days doing some pretty exciting and innovative work for Hipbone Marketing in digital ads. He tests capabilities with new Instagram, Google, and Facebook options for running ads so we can be as efficient and well-informed as possible about how we’re spending our partner’s monthly ad budgets.

He juggles all of this awesome work while raising his kids and hitting the gym! In his free time, he also enjoys discussing politics, watching sports, playing poker, and most of all… eating food.

Brittney Brumley Profile ImageBrittney Brumley Alt Profile Pic

Brittney Brumley | Account Manager

Okay, yes… technically Brittney is Kevin’s wife, and Kevin is Tara’s brother, and Tara is married to Scott. BUT if nepotism brings us team members as amazing as Brittney then we say, “MORE PLEASE” because Brittney is freaking fantastic.

Brittney primarily worked for Scott and Tara on the retail side of the business, but with our recent company growth, we solicited her help with social media management and now she is one of our full-time account managers. In her free time, she likes reading, running, and taking care of her family, including their four kiddos!

Dominic Mers Profile Image

Dominic Mers | Account Manager

Dominic is one of our Account Managers and joined the team in November of 2021. He is an Army Infantry Veteran and served from 2010 to 2014. After which he decided to take full advantage of the GI Bill to pursue a degree in Marketing. He found his way here after working at an agency in downtown St. Louis, wanting to find a place where he could grow more professionally and have the ability to create and develop some amazing marketing plans!

Most days you will find him brainstorming up some new promotions and scheduling out some amazing content. Outside of work, family is very important to Dominic as he has been married since 2010 to his wonderful wife Gracie! He has two rambunctious boys and a beautiful baby daughter that keep him busy on a daily basis, there is never a dull moment. Sports, video games, movies, music (mostly) he is into exploring new ideas and experiences.

Justin Zamecnik Profile ImageJustin Zamecnik REAL Profile Image

Justin Zamecnik | Graphic Designer

Justin (aka JZ) has been with the team since June of 2021 and functions as one of our talented graphic designers AND more importantly, our resident spider killer! He enjoys sports, sneakers, gaming, photography, and art. Justin grew up in a small town in central Kansas whereas he puts it, humidity and mosquitos seem to run the place. He graduated from Kansas State University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media and a Minor in Business.

In the office, you can typically find Justin sharing daily fun facts and of course, working on social media graphics and ordering print collateral for our Partners. He spends most of his time outside of the office designing clothing, skateboards, and art pieces for The VRBTM Project, which is his personal design page on social media. Also, Go Cats! (If you know, you know)

Hannah Farrell Profile PicHannah Farrell REAL Profile Image

Hannah Farrell | Digital Ads Manager

Hannah is our Digital Ads Manager and spends her days thinking of new and creative ways to optimize our Partners’ digital platforms.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Louis University in 2021 and joined our team in the fall of that year. She is best known around the office for her awesome sense of humor, her punctuality, and beating everyone in the New York Times daily crossword.

Kristina Burgess Profile ImageHannah Olson REAL Profile Image

Hannah Olson | Account Manager

Hannah joined the team in the spring of 2023 after more than 5 years in the fast-paced world of sales and marketing! She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. On an average day, Hannah can be found in the office working on marketing campaigns, researching new marketing strategies, and developing creative solutions for Partners.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Hannah chasing her toddler around the house, playing outside with her family, knee-deep in her gardens, trying out a new recipe, or daydreaming about her next travel adventure.

Kristina Burgess Profile PictureKristina Burgess Alt Profile Pic

Kristina Burgess | Account Manager

Kristina graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and Management in 2023. She interned in retail management but decided she’d rather be on the marketing side of retail and joined the team in the fall of 2023.

At Hipbone, Kristina can be found scheduling promotions, crafting color-coordinated emails, and interacting with customers online. Outside of work, she enjoys (most the time) wedding planning, reading what’s trending on BookTok, cooking, and watching TV (especially Friends).

Ronisha Hill Profile ImageRonisha Hill Alt Profile Pic

Ronisha Hill | Digital Ads Specialist

Ronisha graduated from the University of Missouri- St. Louis with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. Her love for the world of marketing led her to a spot here at Hipbone at the start of 2022.

Most days Ronisha works along with Kevin running Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads while also assisting with promotion and content work. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercising, and going to the movies. Besides this, you can also catch her trying new restaurants around the city, as she counts this as her love language.

Macy Pruett Profile PicMacy Pruett Alt Profile Pic

Macy Pruett | Content Manager

Macy is our Content Manager and spends most of her days filming and shooting content, editing videos, and optimizing our social media statistics. When she’s not working hard at Hipbone Marketing, she’s scrolling through social media to stay on top of the latest trends and styles.

She recently received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Maryville University of St. Louis in December 2023 and joined our team in January 2024. Throughout her college years, she even worked for one of the local stores we support!

Ellie Smith Profile PicEllie Smith Alt Profile Pic

Ellie Smith | Marketing Specialist

Ellie is our Production Assistant and joined our team at the start of 2024. She has a few years of Digital Marketing experience on her belt and is ready to become an expert in the retail resale industry! Ellie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Southeast Missouri State University with an emphasis in Advertising and Graphic Design. As part of the team, she’s here to assist with publishing/scheduling for our partners and engaging with customers online.

When Ellie is not in office, you can find her binge-watching a new tv show, planning her next concert, and exploring new ways to be creative. When it comes to entertainment she has a go-to Big Three: Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter (and she will be more than happy to talk about them with anyone who will listen). Ellie also enjoys being a foodie, trying new restaurants, and will never say no to a sweet treat.