TARA DYERCFO & Consultant
MISSY WILKESenior Marketing Manager
SAM HOHENSTEINSr. Graphic Designer
KEVIN BRUMLEYDigital Ads Manager
KAYLA BRANSONProject Manager
PAIGE EFFINGERLead Account Manager
RACHEL LANGContent Manager

Scott Dyer | Founder & CEO

After over 20 years owning Once Upon a Child and Plato’s Closet franchises, Scott realized the only way to get his marketing goals met was to start his own marketing company. So that’s what he did. The goal of Hipbone Marketing is to serve the unique needs and challenges of resale clothing franchises.

Scott makes sure that Hipbone’s services and promotions make sense from a franchise-owner perspective. He’s an idea guy, probably because he knows the rest of the team can handle the execution part, and constantly challenges the team to analyze everything we do from every conceivable angle. When he’s not daydreaming about nother match on the office ping pong table (aka the conference table) he’s promising to start writing his book “Everything I Wish I Could Say to People on Social Media but Don’t.” He does this all while continuing to own four Once Upon a Childs and two Plato’s Closets.

Tara Dyer | CFO & Consultant

With over 10 years of experience working with Once Upon a Child and Plato’s Closet, Tara is an integral part of the Hipbone team. She gives valuable feedback on new promotional ideas, makes sure our ideas are executable on an in-store level, and generally keeps everyone in line, especially Scott.

Tara does all of this in addition to her role(s) as Owner / Direction of Retail Operations of four Once Upon a Childs and two Plato’s Closets. Oh, and she also makes sure that everyone gets paid. We all really appreciate that.

Missy Wilke | Senior Marketing Manager

Missy is the founding member of the Hipbone Marketing team and came to the job directly from working in Once Upon A Child and Plato’s Closet stores. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications with an emphasis in PR from Webster University.

On an average day at the office, Missy spends her time talking to Partners, managing projects and promotions and keeping the rest of the people on this page in line. Outside of the office, Missy still spends time talking to Partners while keeping her twelve-year-old son, nine-year-old step-daughter, husband and four pets in line.

Sam Hohenstein | Sr. Graphic Designer

Sam is the team’s Sr. Graphic Designer and in-house Game of Thrones aficionado. Throughout the day, you’ll find Sam working on all promotional graphics for social media, email, and associated print materials. He works through design ideas with Partners and his fellow coworkers until they are set, from conception to ordering.

In 2015, Sam received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. He also serves on the board of Happy 2 Give, a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual Happy Gilmore-inspired golf tournament! In his spare time, he can be found enjoying funky bass lines or saving the world on his PS4.

Kevin Brumley | Digital Ads Manager

Kevin joined the team in October 2016 after making the switch to marketing from the security field (he’s actually a Certified Police Officer, so be careful!) He is a “remote” Hipboner living in Kentucky and spends his days doing some pretty exciting and innovative work for Hipbone Marketing in digital ads. He tests capabilities with new Instagram, Google, and Facebook options for running ads so we can be as efficient and well-informed as possible about how we’re spending our partner’s monthly ad budgets.

He juggles all of this awesome work while raising his kids and hitting the gym! In his free time, he also enjoys discussing politics, watching sports, playing poker, and most of all… eating food.

Kayla Branson | Project Manager

Kayla was the former Assistant Manager at Scott’s Plato’s Closet Manchester store. After amassing TONS of experience in-store, and receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Creative Writing from Southeast Missouri State University, she joined the Hipbone team! Outside of managing our Plato’s Closet, Simply Chic, and Clothes Mentor accounts, Kayla enjoys cuddling with her wiener dog Miss Daisy, catching up on the latest shows and movies, and looking up fresh new trends on social media.

Paige Effinger | Lead Account Manager

After 7 years in the retail industry, Paige joined Hipbone Marketing in 2019 to apply her knowledge to the digital side of retail marketing.

Paige received her Bachelor’s of Science from Murray State University in Public Relations and Marketing. Paige spends most of her day communicating with Partners, brainstorming creative marketing solutions, and staring longingly at Missy’s sparkly shoes. Outside of work, Paige enjoys spending quality time with her cat, watching British television, and quoting Maggie Smith.

Justin Kirkpatrick | Account Manager

Justin graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Storytelling and a Minor in Film Studies. He started working at Hipbone Marketing in November of 2019 while still living in Columbia, Missouri. Justin works exclusively with Once Upon a Child partners and can likely be found scheduling a promotion. In his free time, he enjoys: spending time with his Border Collie, binging television series, writing about media, filming interesting things and eating take-out food.

Brittney Brumley | Account Manager

Okay, yes… technically Brittney is Kevin’s wife, and Kevin is Tara’s brother, and Tara is married to Scott. BUT if nepotism brings us team members as amazing as Brittney then we say, “MORE PLEASE” because Brittney is freaking fantastic.

Brittney primarily worked for Scott and Tara on the retail side of the business, but with our recent company growth, we solicited her help with social media management and now she is one of our full-time account managers. In her free time, she likes reading, running, and taking care of her family, including their four kiddos!

Rachel Lang | Content Manager

Rachel began working at Hipbone in August of 2020 after graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in Marketing Management and is the only employee on the team to be completely trained virtually (thanks 2020). Prior to being hired, she was a Plato’s Closet brand ambassador for Scott and Tara! Rachel loves creating content both for Hipbone and in her personal time. When not at the office, she enjoys going on hikes, reading, and shopping at Plato’s Closet.