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These are “4 walls” businesses and they only thrive when everything works together. No marketing in the world will change your results, sustainably, if any increased traffic is funneled into the same operations that got you where you are. Any agency that tells you they can make that difference is an agency that just doesn’t get it and doesn’t understand what we do every day.

That’s where 38 years of combined store operational experience comes in handy. Better than the time in the trenches though, is the proof in the pudding – proven success. We operate 6 very successful stores (3 Once Upon a Child and 2 Plato’s Closet), and soon to be a 6th with a new Once Upon a Child.



Highest Volume OUAC Store is > $2M

All five stores up significantly every year the last five years

4th Year OUAC Store is > $1.8M in 2019

Combined Annual Sales >$8.6M

“Massive increases in revenue and massive decreases in stress. Switching to Hipbone was the best decision for our store and us personally.”

David Schlum, Once Upon a Child – Springfield, MO

If you want reliable strategies, proven techniques and systems and a fresh, successful perspective on your store, our 38+years of combined experience may be just what you really need to produce the results you desire.

What You’ll Get:

  • On site visit and comprehensive report and action plan
  • Ongoing feedback via phone, email and text
  • Hosted visit at our stores to reinforce the strategies in action

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