Resale Expertise

Our team boasts over 50+ years in the resale industry.

Brand Expertise

The majority of Hipbone Marketing has extensive in-store experience, which means more focused marketing, problem-solving, and customer service. Because our team truly understands how it feels to work in the store, interact with the customers, and handle the product, we are able to more intricately understand the needs of individual stores. Talking shop is our favorite pastime!


We ensure our Partners’ businesses are branded well, with consistent, focused messaging being a focal point of our work! Whether it’s with our own unique creative materials or curated materials from the franchisor, we are always making intelligent, informed decisions on what works best. We stay up to date with current corporate standards regarding marketing and other in-store promotions, and know how to effectively communicate standard (yet always important!) brand messaging.

Metric Tracking

Not only do we create, plan, and help execute promotions, we also follow through with our Partners to track their key metrics. Because we are invested in the success of the stores and our promotions, we are able to use these numbers to help understand how to improve the event year-over-year.

Your “Been There, Done That” Partner

We’ve worked the buy counter on a busy Saturday. We’ve marked down thousands upon thousands of clearance items. We understand the flow of the stores, the staff, and the inventory. This is the reason the work we do is designed to fit the individual needs of the stores.¬†Need more stuff? We can make that happen. Need a Partner who knows May is buy-heavy and that clearance is right around the corner? That’s us, too.

Relationship Management

We do our best work when stores do their best work. We foster relationships with management teams and associates in order to create an open line of communication. We facilitate these relationships through our Partners so everyone has a ‘same page’ understanding of what the store needs to succeed.

Staff Instructions

Custom staff instructions are written for every in-store promotion to foster ‘buy-in’ and facilitate clear execution with staff. These include Frequently Asked Questions and answers which anticipate customer questions, needs, and potential issues, DRS instructions (when applicable), and, of course, why the promotion is important¬†for the store to run.

Coaching & Feedback

You can’t have a great team without coaching and feedback. We work closely with our Partners and their teams to constantly improve the work we do, from helping staff take better merchandise pictures to providing tips on executing promotions.

This conversation is never a one way street! We solicit feedback about everything we do from our Partners and their team, so we’re always on the same page with management and staff. We’re okay with being held accountable, because we truly believe in our work and why we do it the way we do.

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