We create & plan them, then help the stores execute them.

We have a ton in our repertoire designed to drive a variety of metrics and customer actions and are always adding to them to meet the business objectives of our Partners.

Promotion Analysis

There is no “perfect promotion” – one promotion that breaks every record, meets every standard, and sells all the items in a store. If that were the case,¬†everyone would already be doing it! However unattainable a perfect promotion may be, we believe in a full spectrum of promotions and marketing efforts – and after a full calendar year, under our current arsenal of promotions, we are able to¬†offer a variety of fun and exciting events and deals that drive targeted goals.


#Customer Count
#Total Sales
#Average Sale
#Buy Count


By providing a variety of “types” of promotions, Hipbone Marketing is able to not only entertain current customers and sellers, but attract new, prospective customers, using our current menu of pre-planned promotions. This doesn’t even include all of the custom promotions we help conceptualize, plan, and execute for specific stores!


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#Fun/Feel Good
#Kick Off

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