New Crew to Better Serve You!

It’s not every day that we take the time to talk about what’s happening here at the Hipbone Headquarters (because we’d much rather be talking about what’s happening with you and your stores), but every now and again we have some exciting news to share!

Thanks to the continual support, referrals, and positive word of mouth from the best Partners a Marketing Agency could ask for (that’s you!), Hipbone has grown by 5 new Partners and 3 new team members in 2018!

We’d like to think our passion for resale, knowledge/experience of the brands, and kick-butt creative ideas have something to do with it, too 😉

Without further adieu, and in no order of importance…please join us in welcoming our new recruits!

Brittney Brumley

Okay yes… technically Brittney is Kevin’s wife, and Kevin is Tara’s brother, and Tara is married to Scott. BUT if nepotism brings us team members as amazing as Brittney then we say, “GIVE US MORE” because Brittney is freaking fantastic. 

Brittney primarily works for Scott and Tara on the retail side of the business, but with our recent company growth, we solicited her help with social media management. She is now the primary responder on your Facebook and Instagram accounts as she handles all incoming customer questions, comments, and complaints. 

In summary, Brittney is da bomb. She’s an insanely quick learner, her responses are a trifecta of fast, accurate, and personal, and her involvement with Hipbone has been a huge plus for our team and our Partners.  

Official title: Social Media Manager

Self-proclaimed title: Not Just Kevin’s Wife

Street Creds:
-Certified in Frontline Leadership and Communication Strategies
-Background in Graphic Design and Multimedia Marketing
-Can pinpoint the specific location of any household item at any time

Fun Facts:
-Kitchen Towel Enthusiast
-Cleans for enjoyment
-Can develop a roll of film old-school style

Kayla Ham

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on our combined years of brand experience here at Hipbone. And now that Kayla has joined our team, our impressive resume has grown again! 

Before Hipbone, Kayla was the Assistant Manager at Scott’s Plato’s Closet Manchester store! Thanks to that experience, she’s been able to jump in quickly here at Hipbone and get to work creating fresh new ideas for social media, posting the approximate 40 pictures a day for Partner’s PC Instagram accounts, and updating the rest of the team about current trends and styles 🙂 

When asked, Kayla says her excitement for working at Hipbone is “an 11!” on a 1-10 scale 🙂 

Her passion for PC and her enthusiasm for marketing shines through everything she does here at Hipbone. Whether that’s arriving to work early every single day, contributing new brand initiatives, or calmly responding to crazy customers online, Kayla is awesome and we know you’ll think so too! 

Official title: Plato’s Closet Marketing Manager

Self-proclaimed title: I am the Walrus

Street Creds:
-Former Assistant Manager at Plato’s Closet
-Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications: TV and Film and a Minor in Creative Writing from Southeast Missouri State University
-Fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm

Fun Facts:
-Dog Mom to Miss Daisy the wiener dog
-Favorite movie: Moulin Rogue
-Previously worked at Six Flags St. Louis for 5 years
-Bobs Burger enthusiast

Ryan Obradovic 

Ryan is brand new to the Hipbone crew, but he has loads of potential. 

He crushed his competitors during the hiring process with his 6+ years of experience working at a local Play It Again sports in St. Louis and his comprehensive knowledge of the resale retail. 


Official title: Once Upon a Child / Future Play It Again Sports Manager

Self-proclaimed title: Ernest Hemingway’s ghostwriter/time traveler

Street Creds:
-6+ years of resale experience at Play It Again Sports
-Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Missouri-St. Louis
-Experience in many forms of writing including; journalistic, creative and copy

Fun Facts:
-Professional Disc Golf…golfer
-Enjoys playing with new puppy, Hendrix
-Normally not normal
-Into horror novels
-Secret prankster

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