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Integrated Marketing

“What’s with the name Hipbone?” That’s easy!

The best integrated marketing is integrated, connected marketing. Everybody now…

🎶 The Promotion bone is connected to the Social Media bone,
The Social Media bone is connected to the Email bone,
The Email bone is connected to the Banner bone,
The Banner bone is connected to the Billboard bone 🎶

Most local store marketing is a disjointed collection of individual parts, rather than an integrated connection of pitch-perfect, choreographed components. Acting in synchronicity, the result is marketing music to your ears. Acting alone, you’ve got a first grader practicing the violin 😉

To illustrate how a thoroughly connected campaign would look, check out one of our favorite promotions, #totes. Designed to move merchandise and maintain margins just ahead of the clearance season, #totes works because it all works together.


First conceived in 2015, #totes is not your typical 20% off sale (because 20% off is boring!). #totes, at its core, is designed to clear out items that would otherwise be marked down during impending clearance markdowns. Customers receive a free reusable #totes bag at the door during Memorial Day Weekend and are encouraged to stuff, pack, roll, and stack merchandise inside to their heart’s content – anything that “fits” in the bag will be 20% off! Everyone loves a great tote AND free stuff, and it’s the perfect event to kick off summer and score some extra in-store traffic, PLUS some brownie points with regulars and newbies alike.

We had years to perfect the art of the #tote. This bag is sturdy, reusable, and gets your logo out in the community! It’s great for groceries, bringing in a buy, and more!






The staff will receive custom staff instructions, per your promotion’s specifications, so they’re able to accurately explain the event to customers, and understand how it works. This includes anything from the goals and dates of the promotion to tips on how to run the promotion, and includes a set of FAQ that our team has had to answer regarding the promotions during their own time working in the stores.

Just one of the pieces we order for a store promotion are receipt staplers. These are 16PT UV postcards on 4-color sides, and include your store information at the bottom so people know where the event is happening and how to get in contact with you for more details.

We also create and order in-store signage: Durable 13oz scrim vinyl banners in two available sizes – large (36×48″) and small (21×28″). These can be hung in windows, front doors, from the ceiling, along slatwall, on endcaps… everywhere! They brand the promotion and get customers’ attention.

To match these banners, we’ll send you printable, 8.5×11″ PDF counter mat inserts to display at the register.

We draft, schedule, and approve your Constant Contact emails using our custom template, and monitor open rates for results.

Then we post about the event on Facebook (you guessed it) with matching images and video! Your Account Manager will work with our Ads Specialist to come up with the perfect ad budget for your event to maximize reach and impressions.

Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t just hand our partners these materials and consider our jobs done. What matters to us is following through. We’ve worked in the store and understand the problems that may come up, so in order to create a personalized marketing experience for YOUR store, YOUR demographic, and YOUR local community, we ask our Partners to share their metrics with us so we can work on making the next promotion even better!


Want to talk shop, marketing, or just looking for a good place to eat in Saint Louis? Feel free to contact us any time at connect@hipbonemarketing.com and we would be happy to chat!

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